Why Consider MBA?



Companies should seriously consider MBA if they believe they could and should be doing a better job tapping the full potential of their employees’ knowledge, experience and skills in accomplishing the organization’s objectives.

This belief may have arisen due to problems related to sales, product/service quality and delivery, after sales service or any of the other aspects of the organization’s operations resulting in less than optimal profitability



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MBA An Overview

The MBA degree opens up worlds of opportunity for its bearers. Many business positions require an MBA for advancement. For example, investment banking and management consulting firms hire large classes of newly minted MBAs each year at six-figure salaries into the “associate” level — those without MBAs generally don’t advance past the “analyst” level. At major consumer products companies like Procter & Gamble, Kraft and Colgate-Palmolive, MBAs are hired as “assistant brand managers” into the brand management department — those without MBAs are generally not eligible for the department. And it is from this function that these companies’ senior executives are generally drawn.

There are two kinds of MBA institutes in India — a handful from which you leave with a pedigree and the vast majority which offer just degrees. In the first category lie the IIMs, XLRI and, to a lesser extent, FMS and Bajaj — the institutions which pioneered the concept of management education at a time when the IAS was a far more wanted career path.

In the second lies a vast array of institutes — the good, the mediocre and the dubious. Evaluating the value proposition in the latter category is the daunting task faced by the majority of MBA aspirants.

Although numerous B school rankings may be published every year, it rarely if ever alters the recruiter’s pecking order. For ‘class’ or the jobs requiring brainwork, it’s a select few institutes. For ‘mass’ or the groundwork jobs, it’s down the B school ladder. And how low down this ladder a company will go depends on how many fresher it requires.